Q: Where can I apply these decals?

A: You can apply these decals to many types of surfaces but they work best on flat, smooth surfaces, such as windows, walls, laptops, toilets, refigerators, etc. Unifinshed, dirty, and uneven surfaces are more difficult to apply to. A wide range of factors will contribute to how well a decal sticks to a surface from the local humidity and temperature to the texture, finish and shape of the surface.

Q: What if my decal won't stick to the surface I am trying to apply it to?

A: The best solution is to thoroughly rub the decal onto the surface you are applying to. Do not remove the application tape and leave the decal for a couple of hours. This will allow the adhesion to build and provide a better adhesion to the surface. 

 Q: What if I have textured walls?

A: You can apply these decals to textured walls, however it is recommended to leave the decal on the surface for a few hours to  allow the adhesion to build. Then come back and remove the apllication tape and the vinyl should stick much better to the surface.

Q: What if the decal won't release from the liner?

A: Re-squeege (rub) the decal to ensure the tape has a good connection. Pull the application tape off slowly and at an angel and try pulling the tape from a different corners to possibly get better releases