How To Apply Your Decal

How to apply laptop and car decals


Your decal comes in three layers:


Layer 1. Transfer paper. The top layer which resembles scotch tape or sometimes masking tape. 

Layer 2. Actual decal. The middle layer which is your vinyl decal and which will be the only remaining layer once applied.

Layer 3. Release Liner. The bottom layer which is what the vinyl decal is resting on.


1. Clean whatever surface you will be applying your decal to. Make sure it is dry and free of debris


2. Take a credit card or other similar item and use the flat edge to smooth down the top of the decal/ transfer paper. The object is to ensure there is a solid connection between the transfer paper and the decal.


3. Slowly peel the transfer paper (Layer1) away from the release liner (Layer 3). Peel at an angel and make sure the decal (Layer 2) is coming away from the release liner and sticking solely to the transfer paper. *If the decal is having trouble releasing re-squeegee the decal and try pulling from other angles. Also flipping the decal over and removing the liner from the tape can help with stubborn liners. 


4. Position the decal and transfer paper on the surface you cleaned.

Once it is positioned correctly use the credit card again to rub the transfer paper, which will press the decal onto the surface. This will ensure a clean transfer to the desired surface.


5. Slowly, and at an angle, peel the transfer paper away from the surface. The decal should be sticking solely to the surface you applied it to.

*If the decal is having trouble sticking to a surface you have a couple options. 1. You can re-smooth the decal and try pulling the tape off from another angel. Remember to pull at an angle and go slow! 2. You can leave the decal on the surface for a couple hours without removing the application tape. This will allow the decal adhesive to bond to the surface. Then come back and slowly remove the application tape.


All that should be left is your decal sittin pretty!